Aseptic Carton for Fluid Foods

Scope of application: suit for beverage packaging such as milk,fruit vegetable juice,tea and so on.solid food packaging such as instant rice,porridge,Chinese meal, noodle with soup and so on.
Material:paper-aluminium-plastic 7 layers, co-extrusion material combine with different properties for preservation, barrier and heat sealing
Shelf life:12 months at room temperature
Product form: installed in sleeves
Suitable filling machine:Type Skylong-B5000,Skylong-B2500

Features of plastic-aluminium-plastic instant porridge aseptic packaging materia

1. Using Skylong unique patented technology [high temperature resistant plastic aluminum-plastic composite materials] or [high temperature resistant plastic plastic composite materials], it has the functions with light insulation, anti leakage, preservation, it is suitable for the water bath heating.
2.Test Method in accordance with GB/T1038-2000,the oxygen permeability <0.5 , its barrier properties can make the product to be stored at room temperature for preservation.
3. Box made of aseptic paper plastic composite packaging materials can be kept without deformation by special treatment, the treatment is 120 minutes in 121 degrees high temperature and high pressure sterilization.
4. using production process of HTR high temperature, high pressure cooking, completely able to do not add preservatives, additives, room temperature for 24 hours, in line with the trend of the development of food safety.
5. Varieties of food with different taste can be filled, fully able to meet the people's desire for food

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