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The Scope of filling products

Fresh milk,yoghourt

Technology introduction

“World Standard Factory”,covering an area of 80,000 square meters, was established in 2014 by Skylong in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. It can reach the annual capacity of 100pcs aseptic filling machines for fresh milk,juice,beverage.Skylong is on the world's leading position in fresh milk packaging materials and equipment area. Since 1993, we involved in the field of paper-plastic composite packaging materials, up to now,Skylong has already mastered the world’s leading production technology for aseptic packaging material,paper-Alu.-plastic composite material and aseptic filling machines, and has received many international and domestic invention patents.    

  Features of filling equipment for fresh milk with brick or
gable top shape

1. Controlled by PLC system, touch-screen panel for setting and modifying. Simple operating with Low broken rate.
2. Filling in the way of graduate counting cup to insure the accuracy of filling volume, with automatically CIP cleaning system.
3. The movement of cartons is driven by cams. Top sealing, bottom sealing, ear forming and filling can be done by one step operation.
4. Whole packing process runs automatically with capacity of 6000 packs/hour. High finished products rate.
5. The entire machine applies food-grade stainless steel.
6. Major component parts are made from international brands, stable running and superior performance.

  Skylong Packaging Co Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in providing beverage and food packaging materials and filling machines. There are machine production base, packaging material base, research center and filling machine factory model. The total production is 50 sets of filling machines and 4 billion pieces of packaging materials. Since 1993, Skylong has mastered world-leading aseptic packaging material...
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