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Packaging of frozen Food---Fish&Seafood

Fish and seafood are very sensitive products and require high-quality packaging solutions.
 We provide special vacuum packaging pouches for packaging frozen and sea food products.
 We have in stock pouches for packing 500g, 1kg, upto 5kg  fish packaging vacuum pouches.Our special nylon based vacuum pouches are of high clarity and high strength appropriate for fish or seafood.
 We use quality PE combination to resist temperature upto -42 degree C. All our frozen food packaging pouches are made from 100% food grade material which makes your product highly hygienic.

  Skylong Packaging Co Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in providing beverage and food packaging materials and filling machines. There are machine production base, packaging material base, research center and filling machine factory model. The total production is 50 sets of filling machines and 4 billion pieces of packaging materials. Since 1993, Skylong has mastered world-leading aseptic packaging material...
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