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Aluminium Foil Packaging ---COFFEE POUCH

Tea and coffee have its worldwide market but these are sensitive food products, therefore good quality packaging   is a vital part of their Contact Tea Packaging Dealer commercial and retailing. It’s obvious when you will require   tea and coffee packaging you will prefer to work with a packaging specialist team, who not only knows about latest  packaging technologies, the team is passionate about offering the best packaging solution for its clients.

When you are looking for quality and affordability is your Tea & Coffee Packaging Pouch, you can bank on the service   of SKYLONG Industries.  this packaging specialist company manufactures and supplies best quality Flexible Laminate   Films in

Roll and Preformed Pouch, flexible packaging laminates, food packaging laminates, flexible packaging laminated   aluminum foils, and other specialized materials for packaging  tea and coffee so that products retains its freshness  and exquisite aroma till its end of supply chain.

SKYLONG industries offer wide range of tea and coffee packaging solution on demand. The company offers packaging   materials which have oxygen, moisture and seal properties essential for offering excellent product protection, which   looks attractive, at the same time offers excellent durability at affordable pricing.

Contact the company to learn how it can support your packaging to bring better business for you.      

Material structure:  

  Skylong Packaging Co Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in providing beverage and food packaging materials and filling machines. There are machine production base, packaging material base, research center and filling machine factory model. The total production is 50 sets of filling machines and 4 billion pieces of packaging materials. Since 1993, Skylong has mastered world-leading aseptic packaging material...
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