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EVOH PE based barrier film---Rice pouch

Good quality rice packaging not only introduces easy handling and convenience of logistics, it prevents spoilage and extends its shelf period.
 SKYLONG Industries offers comprehensive, compact, and cost efficient rice packaging solutions for all its clients taking best care of branding.

 Handle for easy customer handling
 D cut or Round finger cut
 Four panel pouches
 Window and metallic effect
 Matt finish printing

The packaging specialists here will help you in creating latest and the best affordable product specific packaging solutions that will help you in maintaining a robust rice supply chain.

Material Structure

 Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of grain, rice,millet,red beans,wheat,corn,etc.,we can produce different package such as three side sealing, four side sealing, inner folding bag,doypack.
 Features: 1. Oxygen permeability rate <1-3 (materials have obtained American FDA and EU certification)
 2. Strong puncture resistant, good water vapor barrier properties.
 3. Keep the rice, grain original taste, non-toxic,unscented

High barrier plastic transparent rice preservative film with EVOH
 1. Small high barrier transparent plastic package bag
 It Can pack 1kg-2.5kgs of grain, rice, coarse grains,corn,soybeans,wheat,and so on.(Vacuum-pumping or no
 vacuuming-pumping both are available for our bags)
 2. Large high barrier transparent plastic package bag
 It can pack 5kgs-10kgs of grain,rice,coarse grains,corn,soybeans,wheat,and so on.(Vacuum-pumping or no
 vacuum-pumping both are available for our bags)

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